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With the Traditional Visions Collection I bring a passion to create a traditional image that is both familiar and nostalgic. Educated in film-based photography, then migrating to digital imaging, I strive to bridge the old world with new photographic technologies. These photographs speak to me from the heart of photographic history from its invention in 1837 to today’s enhanced camera systems and software technologies. Each photograph is inspired from pioneers in photography from the past century, Paul Strand, Frank Lyon, Edward Weston and many many others. Collectively, Traditional Visions weaves a visual narrative to our photographic heritage, and in particular, to see the world around me through the eye of the lens to document contemporary life.


The first six photographs above were taken in Hsin Chu City in Taiwan during the annual Ghost Festival which is both a celebration and tribute to by-gone family members and the famed "Bin Lam" shops that sell Betel Nut (Areca Nut) seeds by young attractive women.  During the Ghost Festival the living create arrangements of food, drink, flowers and money as offerings to their families in the after life.  The other four photographs were captured while traveling the world from San Francisco to Dresden, Germany and Kyoto, Japan.


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