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Installation View de Young Museum, 2010

Photo Anagrams, de Young Museum, 2010

About Photo Anagram Images

Designs that Explore Our Visual Interpretations


Photo Anagrams are inspired by word anagrams.  The underlying principal in the photo anagram is to use a single source image to make various designs of varying complexity that explore our visual assumptions beyond the elegance of the design itself.  The photo anagram image provides a visual gateway for a deeper discussion of what we see, how we interpret what we see, the visual assumptions we make, and what the reality is.


Through the designs that I create I strive to achieve a peaceful meditative tranquility similar to a Tibetan Mandela.  Photo Anagram Images tell stories that upon examination bring insight into the originating photograph.


During the process of creating photo anagrams by hand I conceived of an iPhone app to automate the manual process.  In 2011, I released BeMUZE on Apple's iTunes Store.  BeMUZE automatically creates a variety of patterns from user in-camera photographs.


For me, the Photo Anagram iPhone app merges technology with the visual arts.  This provides the means for the public to engage dynamically with art from what they create on their own devices, thereby, broadening the discussion on visual interpretation from a personal perspective.

Create Variant Photo Anagram Designs

Create Variant Photo Anagram Designs

Use or take any photo to create  designs from an original image.

Decaying Lotus Plant, Ueno Park, Tokyo

Photo Anagram Design

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